The Palladium
Outsourced Marketing Department
The Palladium Outsourced Marketing Department

Does this sound familiar?

You Have:
An Excellent business.
An attractive customer position.
An infrastructure to deliver your proposition.
You Don't Have:
The Key ingredient to successful business - a strong base of good customers.
A strategy to obtain an increased customer base for your business.
The resources needed to maximise business from existing customers and prospects.
Unless you are in a fortunate position to already have a strong customer base, you are likely to need an on-going marketing strategy to obtain more customers and to maximise business opportunities. Indeed, even if you already have a good customer base, marketing is still important to help you transact new business with your existing customers and to maintain a happy and informed customer base.

Having established the need for marketing, the next step is to decide how to meet the marketing objectives of your business.

The Traditional Options
The main options usually considered when there is a need to market a business and / or a specific product, include the following:
The Alternative Option
The Palladium OMD is the solution to all your marketing needs. We believe the costs, the effectiveness and the simplicity of the OMD, can be much more attractive than the main alternatives available to you - the traditional options already covered.

Quite simply, if you use the OMD, we are able to act as your own flexible in-house Marketing Department, taking away all the strain of planning, implementing and managing your ongoing marketing requirements.

Unlike many marketing businesses, we are used to dealing with the different departments at a business, such as, legal teams, accounts, sales, IT etc, to make sure the marketing strategy and any marketing collateral produced meet the different requirements of the various departments in your business.

Indeed, we are often also able to take a proactive approach and offer solutions that will not only keep these teams happy, but also help them meet their objectives. This can save you a significant amount of time and can be key to the future success of your business.
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