Welcome to Palladium

Thank you for visiting us. We hope that our website provides you with an insight into some of the services and solutions we offer and the exciting ways we can help you develop  your business.

Palladium is the division of EIS.Marketing that can help you with your general marketing. This can be anything from a full marketing strategy for your business, to lead generation or the production of a website, a logo, or indeed a full branding exercise.

At Palladium, we aim to help your business stand out from the crowd and stay ahead of your competition. We are not afraid to take a different approach to a project and often use innovative solutions. However, we also use tried and tested solutions, when required.

We can help clients with a wide range of marketing, publishing and business development solutions and we specialise in helping clients in the Financial Services sector, the professions and businesses that want to market their proposition to High Net Worth individuals and / or other businesses / organisations.

Importantly, key to our business ethos is the importance of providing all our clients with a first class personal service.

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“Palladium - The Business catalyst”
Palladium is a rare and exclusive precious metal that is known by chemists as a very effective catalyst. At Palladium, we aim to offer an exclusive service to our clients and to act as a catalyst to their business.