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Public Relations or “PR” as it is generally known is a way you can get your business to a large audience across all media types, including TV, Radio, Newspapers (Local & National) Magazines, the Web….

The difference between PR compared to advertising and sponsorship is that your business is in the editorial section of the media.

PR can be a very cost effective method for you to promote your business. You benefit from the fact that the person that sees or hears your business mentioned, is more likely to notice it, as they know you have not paid to be in the media.

Of Course if it was so easy to obtain positive PR, everybody would always be receiving mentions across different media. It is a fact that most information that is sent to a journalist is quickly discarded and nothing comes of it.

The secret to good PR, is offering the journalist something that they think their audience will find of interest. Palladium Solutions can help you do this across all media. Working closely with you, we can help you get regular positive PR, whether it is for a product launch, publicising an event, improving your business profile or any number of things.

Are you an expert in your field?

Is your business a leader in its sector?

If you have answered yes, then you can capitalise on that fact. How often have you read a quote in your trade press and thought to yourself that you had an even better point to make. The difference between the person that the journalist has quoted and you is that the person being quoted has made an effort to contact the journalist and establish themselves as an expert. If you are an expert in your field, Palladium Solutions can help you convey this to journalists and more importantly to your customers.

We often will combine PR with other areas. For example, your business could produce a guide and offer it to readers of a newspaper. The Journalists may well write about the guide if they believe if will be helpful to their readers.


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