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It is our intention over time, to launch some specific products and packages for our clients. These will be carefully put together by Palladium Solutions and offer a simple solution to you, our customer.

One of the first products we are pleased to offer is the Wallet Finance Guide.

The Wallet Finance Guide is a unique new product that provides a wealth of financial information in a package that takes up a similar area to a credit card and is only slightly thicker. By using a patented design that Palladium Solutions have an exclusive licence agreement to use, together with the technical expertise Palladium Solutions has in conveying financial information, the new Wallet Finance Guide takes Tax & Financial cards to a new level. The Wallet Finance Guide has all the information you would typically find on conventional Tax & Financial Cards, but adds a huge range of other information that is needed for Financial Planning. This includes details on most of the major retail investments available, concise and user friendly information on trusts, an investment growth calculators plus much more. All this in a package that can be folded up so that it easily fits in a wallet or purse but opens up to convey a wealth of information as shown below.


The above picture is for illustrative purposes only and is not intended to represent the Wallet Finance Guide.

Follow this link to download the new Wallet Finance Guide PDF.

The Wallet Finance Guide is just one use for this exciting product that lets your business portray a lot of information in a credit sized package. Please feel free to contacts us, if you would like to discuss using this product for your business. We are able to develop totally bespoke solutions with the product for your business. Contact button

We will produce the Wallet Finance Guide for the 2006 / 2007 tax year. If you are interested, please contact us as soon as possible. Follow this link to contact us.


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