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Even if you have the best product or service in the world, if nobody knows about it and your business does not generate sales leads, then nobody will purchase it. Despite being obvious, many businesses forget this important and simple fact. Sadly all too often, businesses fail, because they do not concentrate on promoting themselves and creating sales leads.

Palladium Solutions are in a position to advise you and to help you on all aspects of lead generation, including public relations, advertising, sponsorship opportunities, corporate communications and general strategies.

We can provide you with advice on:

  • Intelligent lead generation. We offer clients the ability to generate high volumes of quality new enquiries whilst at the same time adding to your brand and, importantly, controlling the cost per lead.
  • We are able to tailor the lead generation to target markets (for example, high net worth individuals, homeowners, women, investors etc.) In other words we can generate targeted leads, to help save you wasting time and money and to maximize the business potential from each lead.
  • We have a number of innovative ideas and tools to create the leads for you and we will work with you to create a full bespoke Lead Generation program.

Dealing with Leads

Of course generating the leads is only half the problem. The other half is dealing with it. If you do not deal with a lead promptly and efficiently, the chance of generating business from it will be minimized. Even worse, dealing with a lead badly, could create a bad name for you. Palladium Solutions can provide you with added value services such as:

  • High volume call handling., including data capture and answering services (human & electronic)
  • Mailing facilities.
  • We can also produce response packs for the leads. This could be anything from a covering letter or email to be sent out before a salesperson follows the lead up, to a full information pack or guide.

Click here to download our Cost Controlled Lead Generation Flyer.


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