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When your business has a relationship with a client, it is important to maintain that relationship and hopefully develop it. The importance of maintaining regular contact with your clients and communicating with them has been covered in many places on this site. However sometimes, it is nice to go that bit further.

Corporate Gifts are a nice way to thank a customer for their business. They can help increase their loyalty to you business, and encourage them to place repeat business with you. Palladium Solutions can source and supply a whole range of corporate gifts that are personalized with your business details. We can help you choose the right product for your business and / or for a specific event or campaign you are running. Importantly with our network of contacts, we are often able to do this very cost effectively.

As well as gifts, we are also able to implement and run full Loyalty Programmes for your business. This could be for any number of purposes, from rewarding Sales staff to encouraging repeat business from customers. Palladium Solutions can put in place Web based systems that offer hundreds of exciting and innovative rewards. Surprisingly this type of system can be set up with just a few members.

The Loyalty scheme would allow your business to offer loyalty points to individuals. These individuals can then exchange their points for rewards. Surprisingly this type of system can be set up with just a few members. It is amazing how this type of scheme can help you meet your business objectives.


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