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As well as the General Marketing Services covered elsewhere in this site, Palladium Solutions are in a unique position to provide services to the Financial Services sector and the Professions in General.

The Partners have been involved with the Financial Services Sector for many years and as well as the unique marketing experience in the sector, they also have an excellent technical knowledge and first hand experience in Financial Services. One of the team holds the Advanced Financial Planning Certificate, which is only held by a very small minority of the financial services industry.

Having this experience and expertise in both Financial Services and also in Marketing, is all very well, but the question is how can we help you, if you are in the Financial Services Sector, or in one of the Professions?

The answer is simple.

As well as being able to help with generating leads, improving you brand, customer relations and all the other areas covered elsewhere on our site, we can also assist you to create packages which provide total financial solutions for your clients.

With the sound technical knowledge we have built up in the Financial Services sector, we have built up substantial experience in providing financial solutions which can assist you in advising your clients. Importantly, as well as our own in house knowledge, we have also built up strong relationships with top industry experts and work very closely with them when required.

Over the years, the partners have been involved with the full publication of the Invest It magazine (Invest It was audited by ABC (the Audited Bureau of Circulation) and was one of the highest distributing personal finance magazines in the marketplace). and numerous other publications and marketing material in Financial Services. One of our key strengths lies in the innovative ideas and strategies we will use to create new business opportunities from new customers for you, and also to help you develop and service your existing clients and, importantly, to generate new business from them.

We believe one of our particular strengths that we are able to offer your business, is our ability to combine our marketing and technical skills in a user friendly way in order to help put forward often complicated areas of financial planning in a simple and succinct manner.

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