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In today’s marketplace, with so much competition both nationally and internationally it is vital to make your business and the products you sell stand out. When people think about the services or products your business provides, you want them to immediately think of your business. Depending on your business, it can of course also be equally important to build the brand of a specific product.

It is more important then ever to be able to distinguish your business from your competitors. Of course half the challenge here is having innovative products and services that are better then your competition. This is where your skills come in.

The other half of the challenge is portraying your products and services as something different and better then the rest. Through the wide range of services we offer, we can help you with this. The various sections on this site show how using our marketing skills (Design, PR, Advertising etc) we can help you build your brand and the public perception of your business.

However as well as undergoing the steps above, it is also important to make your brand recognisable visually. This starts with a good Logo. Your Logo should be recognisable and convey the relevant message about your business. Of course there are many approaches to logo design. Logos can be simple or complicated, colourful or one colour, subtle or jump out at you. There is no perfect logo, the secret is arriving at something you are happy with and that you believe portrays the right image and philosophy for your business. Remember that in years to come, people will always associate your business with your logo.

Following on from your Logo you need to have a corporate style for your business literature and stationary. It is easy to underestimate the importance of your stationary, whether business cards or letterheads etc. Do not forget that your stationary is often the first item your customer will see from your business and creates the first impression of your business.

As well as developing a Logo and business literature, depending on your business, it can sometimes be beneficial to generate a general house style. This can be used for everything from press advertisements to posters to product wrapping. Having a house style can help people identify your business as soon as they see anything from your business, which in turn helps improve your brand.

The good news for you is that Palladium Solutions can look after everything for you. Whether your business is new, you want to rebrand your business, or you want to build a specific products brand we can help. Using our skills and experience, we can help build your brand and identity from your logos, to the public perception of your brand and also help and maintain it. By looking after everything we are also able to help maintain a house style.


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